January Round-up

Hello first post of 2017! It’s been a pretty turbulent start to the year so far. In the spirit of writing more, I have decided to greet the new year by recalling the positive notable things each month. To ease in I’ll start with three words to summarise books I’ve read, films I’ve watched and see where we go from there. Enjoy!


Enid Blyton for Grown Ups –  Five on Brexit Island
nostalgic, jovial, light
[I also read Five go Gluten Free over Christmas which is laugh-out-loud-on-train-journey funny]

James Meek – The People’s Act of Love (not yet finished..!)
confusing, slow-burner, …(TBC)


Manchester by the Sea
raw, gripping, powerful

random, catchy, heart-warming


Yoga with Adrienne – Yoga Revolution
After completing YWA Yoga Camp last year, there was no question about giving Adrienne’s latest January yoga videos a go. Both very different, both a world of good for the body and mind post-Christmas (or any time!)! I am so far only half way through the 31 days but plan to start Yoga Camp after I complete this round and keep up with practice.

This month has been settling back into a routine after Christmas and making healthy choices. So far I haven’t read as much as I’d have liked, but since picking up this months book club read, I can’t put it down!


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