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Are you trying to write your thesis but don’t know where to start? Or are you just starting or are mid-way through your PhD and feeling a little lost? Here are a few blogs which I wish I’d found earlier in my PhD which I can recommend for those moments you need reassurance or motivation.

James Hayton is a former physicist and since his PhD has written a book and regular blog posts about research and writing as a PhD student. He offers tips and advice particularly about the writing process and is a valuable source if you’re just starting out and don’t know what to expect, or even if you are in the final stages of writing up!

The Thesis Whisperer  hosts blog contributions written by former and current PhD students. It includes a vast range of resources, tips and advice from people who have been through the process themselves. Also The Research Whisperer is dedicated to research in academia.

Gradhacker (now blogging from here) features blog posts from graduate students covering a wide range of topics and Times Higher Education includes news and blogs which are often interesting for researchers.

The University of Sheffield Think Ahead Blog is written by the Researcher Professional Development team and offers relevant tips and advice for researchers. (Check your University or institute for similar websites!)

The Thesis Whisper also includes a post with a list of PhD blogs to follow!

There are also a few blogs which offer particle physics specific tips, such as for LaTeX, ROOT, or other programming languages. The blogs I have come across include:

[Note: I will add to this list on finding more websites, or if you have found any suggestions please send them my way!]

Quantum diaries
 follows the lives of particle physicists in both their work and daily lives. And PHD comics provides some light entertainment and relief when waiting for code to compile!

Image from University of Brighton


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